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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way people think, learn, and work in various fields, from finance to healthcare and mobile apps. What’s more interesting is that Artificial Intelligence plays more role in our daily lives than we can imagine. From Siri and Google Assistant to various virtual player games and social media apps, Artificial Intelligence Technology is everywhere. It sure is the most happening topic in every business right now. It is the most wanted and exciting career domain right now in the market. Let us know the importance of Artificial Intelligence is.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise. It is similar to the human mind absorbing and synthesizing information and providing with the required decision.


Reasons for You to Learn AI Programming

Here are ten reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence:

1. Better Career Opportunities

According to a report by Tractica Report, Services based on Artificial Intelligence were worth $1.9 billion in 2016. Every industry is trying to apply Artificial Intelligence in their company. It opens a lot of doors for aspirants who can develop and operate Artificial Intelligence. It is used in cyber security, medicine, applications, and face recognition.

In an announcement by Netflix, it was stated that they would provide with 1 million dollars to the first person who can enhance the accuracy of its ML algorithm.

2. Use in Healthcare Industry

The implementation of machines and computers has reduced the need to be in person all the time. Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing the vitals and records of the patient and produces a personalized treatment so that the doctor can quickly review and implement it.

3. Mobile Applications

A mobile phone is not just for call and messages now. It is a combination of tasks and applications which were earlier performed in a more complex manner. From digital wallets to personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, mobile apps can carry out everything you ask. Siri is one of the top examples of using Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications.

4. Detecting Fraud

You must have noticed a message popping on your screen whenever you withdraw some amount from your bank account confirming that if it was you. It is a part of transaction monitoring, which is further done using Artificial Intelligence.

5. Link to Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is based on data science. With machine learning, you can choose both the engineering job and data scientist job. Mastering both increases your demand in the industry. It means you can analyze the data as well as using this information to train a model for prediction of results.

6. Online Customer Support

Nobody these days has the time and patience to wait and interact on a call with an actual person. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in customer support, consumers can interact with chatbots 24 * 7 without actually getting on the call.

7. Automobile Industry

The future of the automobile industry is entirely based on self-driving cars and autopilots. As surreal as it sounds, various cars have already done several test runs, and the technology is soon to hit the road.

8. Recommendations

Many applications recommend songs and movies according to your search histories and interests based on the same genre or artist. Even the ads you see on various social networking sites are based on your browsing history.

9. Lack of Skills

In a report in the New York Times, it is estimated that less than 10,000 people in the world have the skills and knowledge required to carry out Artificial Intelligence jobs. The less competition sure makes it a happening career option.

10. Rising Opportunities

Indeed reports that the number of Artificial Intelligence-related job opportunities outranked the number of searches for AI engineer jobs. In India alone, the requirement for AI engineer exceeds.

With increasing opportunities and using Artificial Intelligence in each sphere of life, the Artificial Intelligence Certification is more beneficial than we all think.


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