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AWS & Azure Admin Certification Course




22nd June 2019
SAT – SUN (8 Weeks)
12:00 PM – 03:00 PM
₹ 25000
13th July 2019
SAT – SUN (8 Weeks)
12:00 PM – 03:00 PM
₹ 25000
22nd June 2019
SAT – SUN (8 Weeks)
12:00 PM – 03:00 PM
₹ 24999
13th July 2019
SAT – SUN (8 Weeks)
12:00 PM – 03:00 PM
₹ 24999

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Key Features

Instructor-led Sessions
  • 30 hours online live instructor-Led Classes
  • 10 days Training on Weekends.
  • Support after training for Live Project
  • Training by highly experienced trainers
Real-life Case Studies

Experience the real-life projects on any of the use cases by employing various AWS & Azure Admin concepts at SFJ Business Solution.


We believe in practical learning – thus every class is aligned with a set of assignment that adds maximum value to your time.

Lifetime Access

Get Life time access of same recorded class videos which you have attended session with SFJ Business Solutions.

24 x 7 Expert Support

We backed by you in every single step – With personalized support crew, we ensureour availability 24/7 to resolve all your queries.


The best of enrolling with SFJ Business Solutions is to receive the certified badge for the lifetime.

Pre-recorded video learning

SFJ Business Solution offers an extreme flexibility – you can access to high quality pre-recorded training videos.

Course Curriculum

AWS Introduction & Course Overview
  • Course Overview
  • AWS Introduction
  • Usage Tracking & Billing Widget
  • History of Aws
  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Security Model
  • Overview of Aws Services
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Monitoring & Metrics
  • CloudWatch Essentials
  • CloudWatch Events
  • CloudWatch Logs
  • CloudWatch Demo
  • EC2 Status check
  • EC2 Instance Types and Performance
  • EC2 Common Metrics
  • LAB – Monitoring EC2 with Custom Metrics
  • EBS Essentials
  • EBS Performance
  • EBS Metrics
  • Monitoring RDS
  • Monitoring ELB
  • CloudTrail
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Monitor and manage billing and cost optimization processes
  • Consolidated Billing
  • LAB- Aws Organisation
  • LAB- Billing and Alerts
  • AWS Cost Explorer
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Summary
  • Quiz
High Availability
  • Elasticity & Scalability
  • Scale Up or Scale Out ?
  • AutoScalingGroups – LAB
  • Reserved Instances
  • RDS and Multi-AZ Failover
  • RDS and Using Read Replicas
  • RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replicas Lab
  • Using Bastion Hosts and High Availability
  • ELB High Availability
  • SQS & SNS Scalability
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Deployment & Provisioning
  • Root Access to AWS Services
  • ELB Configuration
  • Prewarming ELB’s
  • Lambda – Deployment & Provisioning
  • RDS – Deployment & Provisioning
  • Dynamo DB – Deployment & Provisioning
  • S3 – Provisioning
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Provision cloud resources and manage implementation automation
  • Elastic BeanStalk Essentials
  • CloudFormation Essentials
  • Ops Work Essentials
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery, Backup & AWS
  • AWS services & Automated backups
  • EC2 Instance TypesEBS vs Instance Stores
  • Upgrading EBS Volume Types – LAB
  • Cross Region Replication
  • Storage Gateway
  • Summary
  • Summary
  • IAM Essentials
  • Building IAM Policies -LAB
  • IAM Users & Groups
  • Using IAM Roles with EC2
  • S3 CLI & Regions
  • STS Federation
  • Security on AWS
  • AWS & IT Audits
  • IAM Multi- Factor Authentication
  • IAM Summary
  • Quiz
Route 53
  • DNS Basics
  • Simple Routing Policy
  • Weighted Routing Policy
  • Latency Routing Policy
  • Failover Routing Policy
  • GeoLocation Routing Policy
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • VPC Essentials
  • Build a custom VPC from Scratch -LAB
  • NAT Instances vs NAT Gateway -LAB
  • Creating a NAT Instance
  • NAT vs Bastions
  • Using Security Group & Network ACL’s
  • Custom VPC’s &Application Load Balancer
  • VPC Flow Logs
  • VPC End Points
  • VPC Clean Up
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • VPC Summary
  • Quiz
Azure - Introduction and course Overview
  • Course Overview
  • Azure Overview
  • Managing Azure with Azure Portal, PowerShell & CLI
  • Overview of Azure Services
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Manage Azure Subscriptions
  • Manage Azure Subscriptions Overview
  • Assign Administration Permissions
  • Cost Centre & Tagging
  • Azure Policy
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Analyse resource utilization and consumption
  • Diagnostic settings on resources
  • Baseline for resources
  • create and rest alerts
  • Analyse metrics
  • Create action groups
  • Manage Cost
  • Log Analytics
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Manage Resource Groups
  • Manage Resource Groups Overview
  • Azure policies for resource groups
  • Implement tagging on resource groups
  • Move resources across resource groups
  • Remove resource groups
  • Summary
Create & Configure Storage
  • Storage Overview
  • Storage Accounts
  • Configure network access to the storage account
  • Storage Access Keys
  • Storage Explorer
  • Log Analytics
  • Storage Replication
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Import and export data to Azure
  • Create export from Azure job
  • Create import into Azure job
  • Configure and use Azure blob storage
  • Azure content delivery network
  • Summary
Configure Azure files
  • Azure file share
  • Azure File Sync service
  • Troubleshoot Azure File Sync
  • Summary
Implement Azure backup
  • Azure Backup
  • configure and review backup reports
  • Summary
Azure Virtual Machines
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Azure VM’s
  • Create a Virtual machine
  • Connect to a Virtual machine
  • VM Availability
  • VM Monitoring
  • VM Scale Set
  • Summary
Automate deployment of VMs
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template
  • Deploy Windows and Linux VMs using ARM Template
  • Summary
Manage Azure VM
  • Add data discs
  • Add network interfaces
  • Manage VM sizes
  • Redeploy VMs
  • Summary
Introduction to VM Backups
  • Introduction to VM Backups
  • VM Backup Jobs and Restores
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Summary
Configure & Manage Virtual Networks
  • Overview of Azure Networking
  • Configuring Azure Virtual Network
  • Configure VNET Peering
  • configure VNET to VNET
  • Implementing & Managing Virtual Network
  • Azure DNS Services
  • Network Security Group
  • Implement Effective NSG Rules
  • Implement Azure Load Balancer
  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Network Watcher
  • Troubleshoot virtual network connectivity
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Azure Active Directory
  • Overview
  • Create Active Directory
  • Add Custom Domains
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Conditional Access
  • Summary
  • Quiz
Manage Azure AD objects (users, groups, and devices)
  • Manage user and group
  • Manage devices
  • Perform bulk user updates
  • Manage guest accounts
Implement and manage hybrid identities
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Hybrid Identities
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • configure user accounts for MFA
  • configure Fraud Alerts
  • configure bypass options
  • configure Trusted IPs& verification methods
Managed rolebased access control (RBAC)
  • Overview of RBAC
  • Creating Custom RBAC Roles
  • Summary

Course Description

About AWS & Azure Admin Course

The Internet of Things or IoT Course by SFJ business solution proposes problem-solving approaches for wide-ranging industries. We cover beyond Core IoT fundamentals and applications and ensure every learner can employ different types of IoT systems and solutions across wide-ranging industries. With our IoT technology course, participants can explore future technologies including Cloud-based AI, Big data, machine learning and unlike.

Why should you go for this Cloud Computing (AWS & Azure) Admin Course?
  • With IoT devices increasing by 31% year-over-year, our course holds a key for you to catch up 30-50 billion estimated IoT devices by 2020 – 2022 and a global market of $11 Trillion by 2025.
  • It is also expected that there will be 250 Million IoT oriented automobiles advancing transportation by 2020.
  • By stepping into our IoT course, you can explore its history and future terminologies – you will be confident to take the next step on your IoT journey. Moreover, you will sure to gain a solid grounding in key technologies and their integration process to outline IoT system

With our IoT Certification Course, you’re sure to gain a solid grounding in key technologies and their integration process to outline IoT system. The course aims at providing a strong understanding of IoT revolutions and how best can it fit for businesses underway around the globe. By stepping into our IoT course, you can explore its history and future terminologies – you will be confident to take the next step on your IoT journey.

Who can attend Azure & AWS Admin course?

We welcome everyone passionate about IoT future technology and the way IoT devices work. Technical as well as business-oriented training available for those who are Solution Architects, Software developers, Technical architects, students who seek IoT knowledge, Beginners and business manages, keen to understand the core IoT technology and mechanism. Anyone with the basic understanding of engineering mathematics is invited to join our IoT course.

What are the prerequisites of Azure & AWS Admin Course?


No Pre-requisites to take IoT Training, if you have medium skills of the following that would be easier:

  • Linux Basics
  • Python Programming Basics
  • Practical awareness of Azure Storage and Azure IoT Hub
Project during AWS & Azure Admin Course

Our Internet of Things course will make you learn the core fundamentals of IoT technology and demonstrate how it adds value to your existing job or business model.





What if I missed a session?

If you miss a lecture at SFJBS training you can go through below given options;

  1. Will share you recorded videos of each class
  2. You can attend missed class with another batch.
Is there any placement assistance?

Yes! We have our own consultancy we can assist you after completing the course.

Can I attend a demo session before enrolment?

Yes! You can register for free live demo session with SFJBS Training

Who are the instructors and how experienced they are?

SFJBS Training instructors are highly qualified industrial experienced trainers more than 12+ years of experience; SFJ Business Solutions Training will review each trainer in 360 degree.

What if I have more queries?

Contact our best supporting team through +919513642100 or email us on we are glad to assist you.

How do I enrol for the online training?

To enrol in our website choose any of the following option to make online payment: • Debit card or credit card • Net Banking • PayPal

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

Yes! We give money back guarantee for 2 to 3 Hour session who paid full amount. Contact our support team and go through refund policy and submit request.

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