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Learn Internet of Things (IoT); It is touted as one of the most important technologies which would drive the digital revolution in the world. This technology would enable connectivity of those devices which we couldn’t so far connect. Like Air-conditioners, washing machines, cars everything can be connected using IoT.


Learn Internet of Things the Growth Potential High:

This industry has a growth potential of @10% CAGR. The IoT market is poised to reach USD 15 billion by 2020 and in next 5 years around USD 25 billion and 5.5 million things would be connected. Hence there are number of job opportunities for those who are in software development working on Java, .Net frameworks, SDK integrators, electronic engineers, designers etc. This growth estimate in only looking from today, in future real growth could be much more in terms of percentage and in terms of number of IoT devices and different unique solutions.

An IoT solution spans a host of industries and is going to be the game changer for industries leading to fourth industrial revolution.


Job Opportunities:

Considering the potential of jobs and technology learning this technology would give you an edge as this is transforming the entire world and the world is talking about digital revolution everywhere. In addition to few opportunities mentioned above, Learning Internet of Things is a great deal of potential opportunities for analysts who can derive meaningful outcome of the data/events generated by IoT things and provide business decision making output to business heads.



To learn Internet of Things you need to be having basic knowledge of Electronics, circuit connectivity and communication principles. As part of your learning you need to focus on how the simple sensors, actuators can perform actions which are significant in automating the industrial functions and processes. There are many areas and domains across industries where you can apply your skills and contribute towards improved efficiency and cost savings.



You need to begin learning either as a classroom training or online. Online learning offers you flexibility like you can view the recordings, use these for learning at your pace at your flexible time and review them whenever you are stuck while applying your skills in the industry.

As part of learning you will start from scratch, i.e. from basics of Python, which is required for coding, SDK tools, Industrial processes, how to make use of various detectors, actuators, diodes in different solutions of the different industries. You will gain the skills to design the IoT solutions and apply them in automation of processes.


Hardware & Software:

There are many SDKs like C, C#, Python, Java, which can be used with IoT boards like Raspberry Pie, Arduino which you can use for integration. Also, you will learn about how to analyse the outcome of various sensors, actuators which detect events and send them to different analytical tools and business intelligence tools.


Way Forward:

Learning IoT I would say will no doubt transform you and make you ready for the future which is going to impact and influence the entire mankind and would revolutionize the way we work, play, act. You would surely benefit out of this skill and can contribute to the fourth industrial revolution.

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