Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing or just another passing phase?

by SFJ Admin | jun 14, 2019 AI

Technology is developing each day, and with each day, more innovations become available to the public. We are well past the days when everything needed to be synced to your mobile via Bluetooth to the days where all of our appliances are Internet of Things activated.
We asked a few young entrepreneurs what they think and here are the best answers that we got.

1. Strength Training

Strength training is a field where the Internet of Things can be widely used. This equipment has been the same for a long time and has not gotten an updated. Internet of Things can help turn this strength training into more biofeedback based, which can improve the training and its efficiency.

2. Video Doorbells

We have numerous packages coming in each day, but we can barely be there to receive them on a daily basis. This is why an Internet of Things enabled video doorbell can help ease things in such cases.

3. Wearable Health Devices

Wearable health devices are already Internet of Things enabled in brands like Fitbit and other health-based tech. These have improved on the functionality due to the availability of Internet of Things.

4. Data Analytics

Our infrastructure is becoming more and more intelligent with each day, and we need better analytical methods for this. Internet of Things can be widely useful in this field of analytics to sift through the uncountable data that we produce.

5. School

Internet of Things can be used in schools to make a more integrated network between teachers, students, and parents to bridge the gap between them and increase the standards of the education system.

6. Traffic Management

Internet of Things can help traffic software to understand when to turn traffic lights green or red in order to manage the traffic more efficiently.

7. Retail Stores

Retail stores can track the customer’s data and habits to make the shopping experience smarter using Internet of Things. This can, in turn, lead to blossom in the retail stores’ markets instead of letting them close as time passes by.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain is being widely incorporated everywhere for an additional layer of security. Internet of Things can improve up this as well and help improve on the blockchain technology as well.

9. Transport

Internet of Things can be used to make transportation more efficient and even reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the process. This can lead to a significant improvement in this sector.

10. Healthcare

The healthcare system is very slow and prone to errors. Internet of Things can be used to eliminate these errors and make the healthcare system better.

11. Cities

American cities like Boston are looking to use Internet of Things for things like streetlights, sewage treatment, and many more. This can make the management of cities an easier task for the authorities.

12. Home Appliances

Home appliances can use Internet of Things for increasing the functionality of the appliances. These appliances can range from your television sets to even your light bulbs and fans in the house for making your life easier.

In conclusion, Internet of Things has fast found many implementations in our world. All these possibilities and opportunities that it has created show that Internet of Things is probably the next big thing rather than just a passing trend. All of these opportunities are here to make human life better and the earlier that we embrace this, the earlier we can begin on developing this technology and increase its application in our lives. Thus, Internet of Things is the best innovation right now and not just something that will pass.

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