5 Steps will Guide You to Start A Career in Artificial Intelligence In 2019

by SFJ Admin | jun 14, 2019 AI


Artificial Intelligence can launch your career to the highest heights. In 2019, If you’re seeking for anything successful, then this one is worth a try, as well as counteracting your love towards the science of Artificial Intelligence Future. If you have the capability of adding information to the machines, just like humans, then you must look after choosing it as your career option. Scope of Artificial Intelligence has a huge role to play in the field of Computer Science. It advances the technology and also can ease up a lot of work as per the demand of human beings.

What trends in the year 2019 is the scope of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical, as well as in the Automobile Industries. You can put AI in the place of essential building blocks, while moving forward in your career, along with the jump start.

1. Try to understand the background of Artificial Intelligence career.

If you want to choose Artificial Intelligence over anything else, then you must check upon its background and the essential ideas before getting into its career.

Statistics show that this industry keeps on growing as the years pass by and plays a critical factor in enhancing the economy. You can explore through many types of viable opportunities in this field, which ensures growth even if it is in small amounts. No doubt that an optimistic enthusiast can scratch the best out of the career in Artificial Intelligence.

2. Learn about the excellent jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Plenty of job platforms combine to form the sector of Artificial Intelligence. The most popular ones include – Data scientist, Robotic scientist, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Business Intelligence Developer.

The scientists in this field require specific educational expertise, which will lead them towards a variety of developmental studies. A BI Developer’s job is to plan the solutions for the company and its data regarding the business. Whereas, a Machine Learning Engineer is someone who has proficiency in handling all the software skills and implementation of knowledge on them.

3. You must be wise about the knowledge as the prerequisites.

Before going into the profound insights of Artificial Intelligence, you must know about the subjects required for building a strong base of conceptual knowledge. The topics are that need proficiency are –

  • Engineering physics and Robotics
  • Mathematics (including all the calculus, probability, algorithms, algebra, statistics and probability)
  • Cognitive theory of science

Computer Science (including expertise in the widely used programming languages)

Apart from proficiency in these subjects, one requires some excellent communication skills to enter in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Excellent communication will help you in working in different industries.

4. Use online resources to learn more about Artificial Intelligence.

Staying updated regarding your career choice is more important than learning and collecting knowledge about it. Online resources are the fastest mediums that can keep you updated about the latest technologies and more about other platforms in Artificial Intelligence.

Finding topics with the help of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. can be very useful in learning the best out of social media. SFJ Training provide Artificial Intelligence Certification Online courses available that can help you in chasing your betterment in the field.

5. Search for jobs with the help of Online job searching platforms.

After you develop all your skills and achieve a complete knowledge along with research about Artificial Intelligence, then you are all set for working in this sector.

Start searching for appropriate and desired jobs of your choice with the help of online job searching platforms and extract the best out of them. You should deal with patience at this step, as you’re still a newbie and need proficiency in your job. Try to learn more in every step further, and stay aware of fraud websites and stuff that employ you. Extensive research is highly essential.


A robust knowledge is a key to success if you choose your Artificial Intelligence Career Path. Having good hold in the required subjects and lead you towards strong conceptual understanding and research along with self-induced practice will lead you towards vast practical knowledge. There is no shortage of highly recognized jobs in AI. It is undoubtedly one among the plenty of career options that can give you immense growth and success in 2019.

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