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Blockchain Technology

If you’re curious about bitcoin and cryptocurrency? You might also be aware of Blockchain Technology. In recent year, it has become the center of everything – Slowly Advancing and Gradually Evolving.

The Blockchain certification course is backed by veteran trainers and tech experts. It will enable you to have an in-depth understanding and real-time experiment.  With SFJ business solution, anyone with interested in discovering blockchain can enroll this advancing curriculum. At the end of this blockchain training course, you can leverage the benefits of blockchain technology in your daily lives.

Key Features

  • Instructor-led Sessions:
    Access to 30 hours of online live instructor-Led Classes and weekend class of 3 hours up to 10 sessions on Weekend.
  • Real-life Case Studies:
    Experience the real-life projects on any of the use cases by employing various IoT concepts at SFJ solution.
  • Assignments:
    We believe in practical learning – thus every class is aligned with a set of assignment that adds maximum value to your time.
  • Lifetime Access:
    Every attendee of the course can access our “advanced learning management system (LMS) which provide a set of presentations, installation guides, quizzes, and class recordings.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support:
    We backed by you in every single step – With personalized support crew, we ensureour availability 24/7 to resolve all your queries.
  • Certification:
    The best of enrolling IoT certification course with SFJ business is to receive the certified badge for the lifetime.
  • Pre-recorded video learning:
    Python data science certification course at SFJ business solution offers an extreme flexibility – you can access to high quality pre-recorded training videos.
  • Corporate Training:
    SFJ Python syllabus is designed with present and futuristic demand by firms from upcoming joinees. We let you live your corporate journey at fullest while you already been trained under SJF’s experts.
  • Instructor Led Live Training:
    Get access to the most advanced live online training course led by our certified experts and industry leaders. SFJ business solution allows every learner to access 42 hours of online live instructor-led classes.

For Individuals

For Corporate

  • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced e-learning and/or instructor-led options)
  • Course, category, and all-access pricing
  • Enterprise-class learning management system (LMS)
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams
  • 24×7 teaching assistance and support

Why should you go for this course?

  • Market research shows that the compound annual growth rate of 73.2% to hit $11.7 billion in 2022.
  • At present 69% of the banks are experimenting with blockchain technology and advancing their service more secure, transparent and seamless
  • Blockchain technology skills are paving the ways for increasing freelancing jobs. Specifically, upwork freelance platform has found that “Blockchain Technology” related jobs were in second place.
  • The biggest market pioneers including IBM, Microsoft etc are hiring people with skills of blockchain technology
  • Our blockchain online course will make you learn the core fundamentals of blockchain technology and demonstrate how it adds value to your existing job or business model.

Who can attend this course?

  • Business Managers who want to implement blockchain technology for their existing business
  • Students, looking for freelancing job besides their present studies
  • Candidates looking for jobs in crypto ecosphere – the blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger
  • Programmers/developers who want to advance their skill with trending disrupted technology
  • Business technical professionals or team lead managing team of analyst or engineers