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What Is the Future & Job Opportunities in the Internet of Things

What Is the Future & Job Opportunities in the Internet of Things


The Latest Trends in Iot Technology and Market


Initially, the Internet was an international network of only computers. However, with the explosive advancement of technology, many machines and objects from microwave ovens to hair brushes can be embedded with chips that collect and transmit data to automated systems. It means IoT will have to generate and analyze the vast amount of data. Latency, security and bandwidth issues are some of the significant disadvantages of cloud computing As a solution to that problem, Big Data Convergence, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, Auto Machine Learning for Data Security and Blockchain for IoT security and Effective Back-end are emerging as the current IoT trends. More industries and businesses are adopting IoT.

The market is teeming with devices that can connect to the Internet; that is, Consumer Adaption is becoming increasingly common. Demand for Smart Homes with interactive technology is increasing. The healthcare industry is adopting the Internet of Things. To improve safety and reduce traffic and congestion; many states have planned to introduce Smart Cities. IoT plays a significant role in household appliances, Predictive Maintenance in airplanes, industries, etc. Retail experience is enhancing according to data collected about the consumer. Soon we will see the Internet of things playing substantial roles in insurance, agriculture, telecommunications, and transportation.


How Much Would You Get Paid If You Became an Iot Professional?


It might seem like technology is taking a lot of jobs away. However, this is not true. Internet of Things has created many job opportunities in the technology sector and will continue to do so. If you have the necessary skills in cloud management, mobile development, UI/UX design, security solutions for information and networks, embedded systems, machine learning, big data or programming, you will be able to secure positions related to IoT. Knowledge about communication chips, communication gateways, and sensors will also help you. The most popular positions are IoT Product Manager, IoT architect, IoT developer, IoT Cloud Engineer, Industrial Engineer, and many more. According to PayScale, the salary packages for IoT developers in different countries are as follows:

US – $80,825

Ukraine – $24,115

UK – £34,142 ($48,666)

Netherlands – €41,692 ($51,629)

Germany – €50,013 ($61,921)

IoT professionals in India receive 76% higher salaries than other professionals in the IT sector.

Software Development Engineers in IoT in the US earn between 103,000$ and 128,000$ per year.

Most of the IoT professionals earn between 80,000$ to 135,000$ per year.


Ground Breaking Applications of Iot Technology


The most popular IoT application is unarguably the Smart Home. According to recent surveys, the number of people searching for Smart Home is said to increase by 60,000 every month. The database of Internet of things analytics of Smart Homes includes 256 companies. Wearables are also an important application of IoT technology. Wearable medical devices, smart wristwear, and smart clothes are examples of this. Smart Cities are being developed to manage traffic, pollution, safety, water distribution, waste disposal, etc. Smart Grids are going to be a part of Smart Cities. Tesla has already introduced self-driving cars. Industrial Internet is the connection of various industrial machines that deal with oil, gas, and safety. Internet of things is revolutionizing healthcare with surgical robots and fitness sensors. Smart Supply Chain is also becoming very popular. It tracks goods and optimizes industrial systems. Smart Farming and Smart Retail are also experiencing growth.

Globally, Internet of things market will reach at least 320 billion dollars by 2023. Currently, the IoT industry has a growth rate of 37%. In 2018, 23 billion devices were functioning with the connection in the IoT. Because of manufacturing, utility, and consumer sectors, the IoT spending of the world is soon expected to reach 745 billion dollars.


Technology & Future


IoT is growing by leaps and bounds. The most significant advantage of the Internet of Things is efficiency. A large amount of data is collected and analyzed. Therefore the information gathered is more likely to be accurate. It makes decision making more manageable, especially for industries. Not only that, there will be increased automation wherein decisions can be taken by the system for safety and optimization. Maintenance of machines and objects becomes easy as there are continually monitoring and connectedness. It saves both time and money. IoT will make life more convenient as every aspect of life is personalized and efficient. Combined with artificial intelligence and judging by the growth rate and the creation of jobs, it wouldn’t be an understatement if to say that the Internet of Things is part of the future of the world.


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Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing or just another passing phase?

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing or just another passing phase?

Technology is developing each day, and with each day, more innovations become available to the public. We are well past the days when everything needed to be synced to your mobile via Bluetooth to the days where all of our appliances are Internet of Things activated.

We asked a few young entrepreneurs what they think and here are the best answers that we got.

1.    Strength Training

Strength training is a field where the Internet of Things can be widely used. This equipment has been the same for a long time and has not gotten an updated. Internet of Things can help turn this strength training into more biofeedback based, which can improve the training and its efficiency.

2.  Video Doorbells

We have numerous packages coming in each day, but we can barely be there to receive them on a daily basis. This is why an Internet of Things enabled video doorbell can help ease things in such cases.

3.  Wearable Health Devices

Wearable health devices are already Internet of Things enabled in brands like Fitbit and other health-based tech. These have improved on the functionality due to the availability of Internet of Things.

4.  Data Analytics

Our infrastructure is becoming more and more intelligent with each day, and we need better analytical methods for this. Internet of Things can be widely useful in this field of analytics to sift through the uncountable data that we produce.

5.  School

Internet of Things can be used in schools to make a more integrated network between teachers, students, and parents to bridge the gap between them and increase the standards of the education system.

6.  Traffic Management

Internet of Things can help traffic software to understand when to turn traffic lights green or red in order to manage the traffic more efficiently.

7.  Retail Stores

Retail stores can track the customer’s data and habits to make the shopping experience smarter using Internet of Things. This can, in turn, lead to blossom in the retail stores’ markets instead of letting them close as time passes by.

8.  Blockchain

Blockchain is being widely incorporated everywhere for an additional layer of security. Internet of Things can improve up this as well and help improve on the blockchain technology as well.

9.  Transport

Internet of Things can be used to make transportation more efficient and even reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the process. This can lead to a significant improvement in this sector.

10. Healthcare

The healthcare system is very slow and prone to errors. Internet of Things can be used to eliminate these errors and make the healthcare system better.

11. Cities

American cities like Boston are looking to use Internet of Things for things like streetlights, sewage treatment, and many more. This can make the management of cities an easier task for the authorities.

12. Home Appliances

Home appliances can use Internet of Things for increasing the functionality of the appliances. These appliances can range from your television sets to even your light bulbs and fans in the house for making your life easier.

In conclusion, Internet of Things has fast found many implementations in our world. All these possibilities and opportunities that it has created show that Internet of Things is probably the next big thing rather than just a passing trend. All of these opportunities are here to make human life better and the earlier that we embrace this, the earlier we can begin on developing this technology and increase its application in our lives. Thus, Internet of Things is the best innovation right now and not just something that will pass.


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How does the Internet of things work? & Examples of Internet of Things

How does the Internet of things work? & Examples of Internet of Things


How Does the Internet of Things Work? & What is IoT ?

We have heard many things in fiction from the past. It includes our cars automatically choosing the least congested route to work or home, automatic alarms, smart homes that do what we want at just a single voice command and many more. These things don’t feel like fiction anymore, and we can use these in our day to day activities now. All of these things come under the umbrella of Internet of Things applications.

IoT Platform is made of four fundamental components. These are:

1. Sensors/Devices:

IoT Applications

Sensors like RFID are present everywhere, and these sensors collect very minute data from all their surroundings. This data can range from something as simple as the temperature to something much more complex such as video footage.

A device might also have a number of sensors which can act together to sense things or even go a step further from sensing things. For example, your phone has a number of sensors like GPS, accelerometer, gyroscpe, and many other which it, in turn, manages together to do more than just sense things.

The function of sensors, though, will always remain the same as sensing things no matter whether the device has a single sensor or multiple ones.

2.  Connectivity

IoT Platform

This collected data from all the sensors is sent to the clouds where the data is stored and, but this transfer requires a medium. These sensors can be connected to the cloud infrastructure via cellular networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, satellite networks, and many more.

Each of these connectivity mediums has some trade-offs, and thus, it is essential to pick the right medium.

3.  Data Processing

Principles of IoT

Once the data reaches the cloud, the cloud starts analyzing it. This data processing can be quite simple or elaborate depending on the type of data collected by the sensor. It can be something as simple as determining if the temperature is within limits or something complicated like identifying an object in a video footage.

4.  User Interface

working of iot

The final component is the user interface. All this collected information and its analysis must reach the end user for the user to act upon it. This is where the user interface comes into the picture. This user interface most often is either in a web browser or can be in as an app as well. This user interface shows you all the necessary data and also offers you options to make changes to the conditions. For example, if the temperature of the AC is too high, the app can let you adjust it to something more suitable.

This is how IoT Works & Below you can get some IoT Examples


Examples of Internet of Things


  • Wearable health devices – These devices are Internet of Things enabled and analyze all of our data in order to improve our lifestyle and health.

  • Smart Lock – Smart locks are Internet of Things enabled and offer an added layer of security and also improve the functionality. The improved functionality can be seen in the form of remote locking and unlocking of the smart locks.

  • Smart Mirrors – These smart mirrors can display the date, the time, the temperature, and the weather predictions right on the mirror as you are looking into it. Another breed of smart mirrors is the one focused on fitness and exercise where you can pull fitness workouts from the Internet on to it and help you with them by mirroring what you need to do.

  • Connected Cars – These cars have improved remote functionality like pre-heating the car or pre-cooling it and even starting the car before you get in so that it is ready to go as soon as you step in.


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Stay tuned to learn more interesting things.Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Here are Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Artificial Intelligence

Here are Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way people think, learn, and work in various fields, from finance to healthcare and mobile apps. What’s more interesting is that Artificial Intelligence plays more role in our daily lives than we can imagine. From Siri and Google Assistant to various virtual player games and social media apps, Artificial Intelligence Technology is everywhere. It sure is the most happening topic in every business right now. It is the most wanted and exciting career domain right now in the market. Let us know the importance of Artificial Intelligence is.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise. It is similar to the human mind absorbing and synthesizing information and providing with the required decision.


Reasons for You to Learn AI Programming

Here are ten reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence:

1. Better Career Opportunities

According to a report by Tractica Report, Services based on Artificial Intelligence were worth $1.9 billion in 2016. Every industry is trying to apply Artificial Intelligence in their company. It opens a lot of doors for aspirants who can develop and operate Artificial Intelligence. It is used in cyber security, medicine, applications, and face recognition.

In an announcement by Netflix, it was stated that they would provide with 1 million dollars to the first person who can enhance the accuracy of its ML algorithm.

2. Use in Healthcare Industry

The implementation of machines and computers has reduced the need to be in person all the time. Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing the vitals and records of the patient and produces a personalized treatment so that the doctor can quickly review and implement it.

3. Mobile Applications

A mobile phone is not just for call and messages now. It is a combination of tasks and applications which were earlier performed in a more complex manner. From digital wallets to personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, mobile apps can carry out everything you ask. Siri is one of the top examples of using Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications.

4. Detecting Fraud

You must have noticed a message popping on your screen whenever you withdraw some amount from your bank account confirming that if it was you. It is a part of transaction monitoring, which is further done using Artificial Intelligence.

5. Link to Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is based on data science. With machine learning, you can choose both the engineering job and data scientist job. Mastering both increases your demand in the industry. It means you can analyze the data as well as using this information to train a model for prediction of results.

6. Online Customer Support

Nobody these days has the time and patience to wait and interact on a call with an actual person. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in customer support, consumers can interact with chatbots 24 * 7 without actually getting on the call.

7. Automobile Industry

The future of the automobile industry is entirely based on self-driving cars and autopilots. As surreal as it sounds, various cars have already done several test runs, and the technology is soon to hit the road.

8. Recommendations

Many applications recommend songs and movies according to your search histories and interests based on the same genre or artist. Even the ads you see on various social networking sites are based on your browsing history.

9. Lack of Skills

In a report in the New York Times, it is estimated that less than 10,000 people in the world have the skills and knowledge required to carry out Artificial Intelligence jobs. The less competition sure makes it a happening career option.

10. Rising Opportunities

Indeed reports that the number of Artificial Intelligence-related job opportunities outranked the number of searches for AI engineer jobs. In India alone, the requirement for AI engineer exceeds.

With increasing opportunities and using Artificial Intelligence in each sphere of life, the Artificial Intelligence Certification is more beneficial than we all think.


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5 Steps will Guide You to Start A Career in Artificial Intelligence In 2019

5 Steps will Guide You to Start A Career in Artificial Intelligence In 2019



Artificial Intelligence can launch your career to the highest heights. In 2019, If you’re seeking for anything successful, then this one is worth a try, as well as counteracting your love towards the science of Artificial Intelligence Future. If you have the capability of adding information to the machines, just like humans, then you must look after choosing it as your career option. Scope of Artificial Intelligence has a huge role to play in the field of Computer Science. It advances the technology and also can ease up a lot of work as per the demand of human beings.

What trends in the year 2019 is the scope of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical, as well as in the Automobile Industries. You can put AI in the place of essential building blocks, while moving forward in your career, along with the jump start.


5 Step Guide for Artificial Intelligence Career


1. Try to understand the background of Artificial Intelligence career.

If you want to choose Artificial Intelligence over anything else, then you must check upon its background and the essential ideas before getting into its career.

Statistics show that this industry keeps on growing as the years pass by and plays a critical factor in enhancing the economy. You can explore through many types of viable opportunities in this field, which ensures growth even if it is in small amounts. No doubt that an optimistic enthusiast can scratch the best out of the career in Artificial Intelligence.


2. Learn about the excellent jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Plenty of job platforms combine to form the sector of Artificial Intelligence. The most popular ones include – Data scientist, Robotic scientist, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Business Intelligence Developer.

The scientists in this field require specific educational expertise, which will lead them towards a variety of developmental studies. A BI Developer’s job is to plan the solutions for the company and its data regarding the business. Whereas, a Machine Learning Engineer is someone who has proficiency in handling all the software skills and implementation of knowledge on them.


3. You must be wise about the knowledge as the prerequisites.

Before going into the profound insights of Artificial Intelligence, you must know about the subjects required for building a strong base of conceptual knowledge. The topics are that need proficiency are –

  • Engineering physics and Robotics

  • Mathematics (including all the calculus, probability, algorithms, algebra, statistics and probability)

  • Cognitive theory of science

  • Computer Science (including expertise in the widely used programming languages)

Apart from proficiency in these subjects, one requires some excellent communication skills to enter in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Excellent communication will help you in working in different industries.


4. Use online resources to learn more about Artificial Intelligence.

Staying updated regarding your career choice is more important than learning and collecting knowledge about it. Online resources are the fastest mediums that can keep you updated about the latest technologies and more about other platforms in Artificial Intelligence.

Finding topics with the help of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. can be very useful in learning the best out of social media. SFJ Business Training provide Artificial Intelligence Course available online that can help you in chasing your betterment in the field.


5. Search for jobs with the help of Online job searching platforms.

After you develop all your skills and achieve a complete knowledge along with research about Artificial Intelligence, then you are all set for working in this sector.

Start searching for appropriate and desired jobs of your choice with the help of online job searching platforms and extract the best out of them. You should deal with patience at this step, as you’re still a newbie and need proficiency in your job. Try to learn more in every step further, and stay aware of fraud websites and stuff that employ you. Extensive research is highly essential.



A robust knowledge is a key to success if you choose your Artificial Intelligence Career Path. Having good hold in the required subjects and lead you towards strong conceptual understanding and research along with self-induced practice will lead you towards vast practical knowledge. There is no shortage of highly recognized jobs in AI. It is undoubtedly one among the plenty of career options that can give you immense growth and success in 2019.


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