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The research had done by pay scale the data scientist average salary in INDIA is closely about 61000 – 62000 approximately that could be balanced on your experience and skills.Python data warehouse, data mining, machine learning, java etc. are the data scientist skills required.

The best inclining organizations and furthermore not all that slanting organizations all are thinking about the significance of big data in the scientific universe of machines. They understand the estimation of data in their organizations and in addition their organizations. In India the demand for executing the data and the increasing supply of data is going top of the sky.

A Data Scientist salary can’t be chosen in its most elevated term, on the grounds that the normal salary that the Data Scientist acquires sums to an aggregate of Rs 607,192 and that is simply all things considered. The base salary a Data Scientist can win is around Rs. 325,000 while the most extreme sum is around Rs 1,848,269.

Beneath specified the Salaries offering in India:

  • Software Analytics (Engineer),International finance consulting companies, 9.5L P/A for Fresher’s
  • Data Scientist,start-up of Silicon Valley, 12L P/A for Fresher
  • Medium sized company of Silicon Valley, Technical Staff Member, 14L P/A with single year experience.
  • Bangalore based IT firm moving into the space of deep learning, R&D Engineer, 16LPA, one year experience
  • IT firms in Bangalore moving into the technology deep learning, Research & Development Engineering, 16L P/A with year experience.

Salaries based on the Interviews:

Salaries can be depending on your experience and skills.

Experience: 2 – 4 Years

Company: KPO BPO Genpact

Salary: 6L – 8L P/A

Captives 10 – 14

Banks captives 12 – 16

IIT/IIM Graduates can bargain more if your present salary is 10L – 15L P/A then 30% hike.

You can get hike 30 – 40% if you have 4 – 8 years of experience.


Salaries for Data Analytics in India for different positions:

Salaries for Data Analytics Manager:

On an average the data analytics manager salary would be 14Lacs per annum in India. In any case, in order to accomplish this level of salary you should be sufficiently qualified and additionally have strong experience in the field of data analytics. The Experience required at least 15 to 20 years to catching the salary level of data analytics manager position. For the position of Team Management, Machine learning, R, Statistical and Python high data analytics abilities are required.

Salaries for Data Analytics Specialist:

Approximately 3.5 L per annum in India an average salary for data analytics specialist. People after getting 10 years of experience in data analytics could shift on to other best upgraded technologies. Data modelling, statistical analysis, SAS, Big Data Analytics, R are the skills needed for this post. Get a sound future in Data analytics specialist field, on the off chance that you have great information of these terms in data analytics. Furthermore, the ability around this field is obtained by quality of skills with acceleration in practice The data analytics specialist is one of the best level employments in India and additionally international markets nowadays.

Data Analytics Consultant Salary

Data Analytics is an interesting field to pick these days in the event that you are an IT understudy. One of the activity assignments for data analytics is data analytics consultant. The average data analytics consultant salary is 8.8 lacs per annum. The abilities required for data analytics consultant are Data Analysis, SAS, SQL and Tableau Software. Experience does not influence much on data analytics consultant salary. Individuals working as data analytics consultant don’t have much experience in data analytics field. The most extreme experience required for data analytics consultant is 10 years.